15 W. Front Street, Suite 4

Trenton, NJ 08608


What We Do

Catalyst Solutions, Inc. is a full service employment consulting firm that provides assistance to our clients in managing their workforce, as well as providing assistance to individuals seeking employment. Essentially, we are in the business of providing employment solutions. 

At Catalyst Solutions, we provide consulting services encompassing diversity training, program planning and evaluation. 

Additionally, we are providers of job training that teaches and develops job acquisition and job retention skills through a comprehensive training model. Critical skills such as interview etiquette, resume creation, proper attire, time management, money management, and conflict resolution, are a major focus.  Our job training model is an integral counterpart to New Jersey’s Work First NJ legislation which, encourages individuals who are receiving assistance to return to the workforce. The training model is a successful tool in assisting individuals move into employed roles. 

At Catalyst Solutions, we offer a host of services, which span across the private sector and the public sector.